Thursday, April 16, 2015

Photos from the past few months

 I just love those grand babies

 Planting Carrots


 Sweet brothers!
 Look at my fish!

 More precious grand babies

 L for light house
 I love this picture
Addi is so cute
 Learning about colors
and practicing our
fine motor skills.

April - Camping

Wow!  Time gets away from you.  I can't believe that I haven't posted since January.
This week we have been learning about camping.  It has been raining, but we still camped out in the house.
We are playing balloon volly ball 

This is our camping breakfast 

My sweet boys 

 The boys are in their boats on the lake.

 We are making camping eggs.
We opened a ziplock
cracked 2 eggs and some cheese
into the bags.  We sealed them
up and the kiddos mixed them.
 They were placed in a pan of boiling water.

 The boys are pretending they 

are camping and making their
own eggs,

 The come out like an omelet.
Fluffy and yummy!